DIY Plan

DIY Plan



You are viewing the standard content plan (pro). It is more expensive than the “afford” content plan due to the quality of content and the experience of the writer. This plan is priced at $135 PER PAGE. You will get 1000 words, 3 keywords, SEO optimized, and includes 3 sets of revisions. Competitor research is included. This service will take 3 days to deliver. —OUTSOURCED SERVICE—

Written content is needed for any website. It helps with Google ranking. It attributes to the SEO of your website. The more content per page the better. 1000 words is a good start. Every content plan offered through our agency is outsourced and NOT provided by us. Content is not included in your web design and website development plans, only content upload. You need to provide content. If content is not provided and you have not purchased a content plan, Latin dummy text will be used as a placeholder. You have the option to find your own content writer to write for you per webpage. You can send us that content, and we will upload it to your website per page you provide.


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